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About c5mi


Why c5mi?


c5mi possesses extensive experience leading businesses and leveraging technology to drive superior business results. We are experts at building world class manufacturing and supply chain processes and optimizing IT management to build the foundation of a successful digital transformation. Once the foundation is established, we bring the practical experience and technical capability to connect your factories and supply chains in a targeted manner that will maximize your return on investment.  

Many firms offer similar stand-alone services. c5mi is unique in our capability and experience integrating all of them into a comprehensive approach focused on maximizing value for our clients. 

The c5mi name


Our name intentionally reflects our ability to create a Common Operational Picture (COP) that provides a real or near time view of your business environment and benefits to your bottom line. The "c5" stands for Command, Control, Communications, Computing, and Collaboration to enable "mi," or Management Insights.

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