July 19, 2019

Smart Growth: How Operational Intelligence builds on Process Excellence to improve business outcomes

BY Matthew Stemmler
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We often describe Process Excellence as the bedrock of Operational Technology deployment, a strong root system to support better business outcomes. But laying a solid foundation is not the only way the digital transformation process resembles the gardening process. In both, there are additional layers that are important for successful growth, and they need to be laid down at the proper time and in the correct order.

Yes, a stable, capable and adaptable process is a vital first step toward improving business outcomes. There comes a point, however, when the amount of data you need to effectively manage your process grows beyond what an individual can reasonably be expected to comprehend. You’ve made excellent progress so far, but there’s more to be done in order to reach your full potential.

So what comes next?

Like a garden needs nutritious topsoil in order to thrive, a successful digital transformation requires accessible, digestible data. To get it – and to use it optimally – you need to add Operational Intelligence (OI).

Think of Operational Intelligence as the natural evolution of data analysis from paper to spreadsheet pivot tables to an intelligent dashboard view. Our OI solutions create a Common Operational Picture (COP), so you get live, dynamic business analytics that deliver real-time visibility into business operations.

The Operational Intelligence environment produces rock-solid, real-time, actionable information.  This provides valuable insights into operations that allow for better, faster decision-making. In its truest form, OI focuses on the D, M and A (define, measure, analyze), which frees your team to focus on the I and C (improve, control).

OI’s securely integrated technology boosts performance by creating insight with clarity. That’s the ideal management environment for generating unrivaled business results.