Project Description

A large OEM improved its supply chain operations with c5mi consulting services

The Client


$500 + Million




  • 50 – 100% Reduction in order backlogs across the supplier base
  • 75% Reduction in line stoppages for the same suppliers
  • 10-50% Improvement in supplier output at constrained processes
  • Developed performance improvement project plans for each supplier

Desired Business Outcomes

  • An OEM wanted to increase production by more than 50% in response to market demand
  • Increase the responsiveness of supply chain by enabling the supplier base to react to the increased market demand
  • Determine the root cause of delivery failures and suggest corrective actions to the suppliers

YASH Value Proposition

  • Assembled a team of supply chain experts and placed at critical suppliers for 12 weeks
  • Opened a reliable communications channel between the supplier base and OEM for timely information exchange
  • Aligned the production at the suppliers to the priorities of the OEM to minimize production disruptions
  • Analysed the root cause of delivery failures and fixed them