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Chief Technology Officer 

Bryan Sibthorp is a seasoned Chief Technology Officer (CTO) with over 30 years of experience as a principal enterprise architect, driving major digital transformations at global Fortune 500 organizations the like of John Deere and Defense Logistics Agency. Renewed for his visionary leadership, Bryan has played a crucial role in large-scale SAP implementations, showcasing his expertise in identifying and implementing cutting-edge technologies. His unparalleled insight and visibility into the technological landscape have made him a strategic force in navigation complex challenges for C5MI customers and partners. Bryan's impact extends beyond the private sector, as he has been a key figure in driving business technology transformations for federal government implementations, leading some of the largest rollouts within the Department of Defense. As the CTO of C5MI, Bryan continues to shape the organization's technological future, leveraging his extensive experience to propel innovation and efficiency. 

Bryan Sibthorp