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C5MI’s Industry 4.0 solutions are designed to support complex organizations understand the true value of their operational data and the beneficial impact it can have on their employees, assets, and processes.
We provide a platform for complex manufacturing and supply chain organizations to deliver on their most important projects and initiatives. By empowering our partners to understand the true value of their operational data through state-of-the-art technologies, people empowerment, asset management, and unique perspectives, together, we find the root cause and the right solution. By clearly showing ROI of your program investments in people and technology, initiatives easily show their benefits throughout their lifecycle. The right solution starts with the job to be done and by solving real business problems, we support continuous visions of the future by leveraging process data in ways tailored to your organization but integrated into an out of the box solution.
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"It is not about replacing people with machines, but learning how to truly work as one."

Marty Groover, Chief Innovation Officer

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Abandon Spreadsheets.

Embrace a Common Operational Picture.

Self-compensating supply chains and self-planning, self-healing manufacturing systems are possible. Your competitors are already fast at work building those systems and processes. Our experts will ensure your digital core technologies are up-to-date and embraced by your teams.


Upgrade to the latest digital core technologies


Continuously improve your core and inspire your teams to embrace change


Remove inefficient customizations and leverage core platform capabilities

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Live Factory® delivers value throughout your enterprise by connecting the shop floor to the top floor with real-time actionable data resulting in a Common Operational Picture (COP) of your manufacturing process. Our suite of solutions provides a platform that transforms your professional lives the way smartphones transform your personal lives – by providing the same level of live, instantaneous, in-the-moment data about manufacturing results. If you need real-time visibility of what’s going on in your manufacturing process and want to know that you are meeting your goals – Live Factory® is the answer. Learn more.
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