Live Warehouse℠

Bridging technology and automation at the speed of "Live"

A fully immersive warehouse experience

C5MI's Live Warehouse℠ consulting services and solutions deliver value by providing a holistic approach to warehouse management systems. At its core, Live Warehouse℠ services help you plan and implement SAP software solutions as a highly automated, technologically advanced system that provides an actively integrated "living" storyline approach to warehouse operations. 

Through an SAP digital core system Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Live Warehouse℠ combines transactional execution intersected with digitally codified physical processes. When fully integrated, you will experience a living, centralized hub for managing all aspects of your warehouse operations. 

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"We designed our Live Warehouse℠ consultation and implementation solutions around inventory accuracy and productivity! Our SAP solutions integrated with Industry 4.0 technologies create an easy-to-use platform that drives end-to-end visibility and advanced analytics to improve business outcomes."

Marty Groover, Chief Innovation Officer

Learn About Our Approach
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Benefits of a Live Warehouse system

In 2020, COVID-19 became a great disruptor in supply-chain management, exposing the lack of resiliency and agility in warehouse and logistic systems. As distribution centers and warehouses continue to develop at a rapid pace, the need for productive, agile, and resilient systems is growing each day. With Live Warehouse℠, this is achievable. 

Our Live Warehouse solutions will help you experience:

Inventory Visibility:

• Manage stock levels: You'll have an accurate picture of available inventory, backorders, and goods in transit, eliminating stockout and overstocking.

• Instant data updates: Any movement of inventory is reflected immediately in the system, ensuring data accuracy for order fulfillment.

• Improve inventory record accuracy: Automated inventory robotics that continuously scans the inventory to find inaccuracies with location, material identification, and other record accuracy issues.

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Improved Warehouse Productivity:

• Optimized picking and packing: The system can suggest optimal picking routes and packing strategies to save time and resources.

• Streamlined workflows: Automated tasks can be managed efficiently, such as putaway, replenishment, and cycle counting.

• Live warehouse digital monitoring: Wave picking data and other productivity analytics that drive improved automation and human performance.

Enhanced Decision Making:

• Advanced analytics: The system can analyze data to identify trends, predict demand, and optimize warehouse layout for better space utilization. 

• Data-driven insights: You can make informed decisions about inventory levels, staffing needs, and overall warehouse operations. 

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Integration with Other Systems:

Seamless connection: A fully integrated system connects with your existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or eCommerce platform for a unified workflow. 

Synchronized order fulfillment: Orders from other systems can flow directly into the WMS for faster processing and shipment. 


Our Live Warehouse℠ experience and you

Our innovative Live Warehouse℠ solutions use our maturity model as their foundation, providing the right solutions that meet your current and future demands as your operations mature. 

Not sure where your processes currently stand? Download our guide below to find out where you are currently positioned today and how C5MI can help you get to where you need to be. 

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