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Digital Asset Management
Predict, Manage, and Reduce Downtime with Industry 4.0 Asset Management

We Make Real-Time Asset Management A Reality

Leading the implementation of SAP Asset Management solutions for Fortune 100 organizations.

Effective asset management is the backbone of manufacturing and fleet operations. Industry 4.0 solutions help maximize maintenance budget and preserve asset uptime so that production and maintenance can work in harmony.

Our Digital Asset Management experts help you figure out when and where to apply digital solutions (like condition-based monitoring, machine-learning, and IIoT).


Common Challenges for Maintenance Organizations

Inconsistent definitions of Machine Criticality
Maintenance workforce – size, skills, and where to focus energy.
Where and when to apply predictive maintenance?
When to invest in IIoT live data integration?
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Digital Reliability Centered Maintenance

DRCM® is the digital solution from C5MI that categorizes machinery function, captures equipment criticality and failure modes, and develops live condition-based and predictive maintenance monitoring strategies. Instead of spreadsheets, all data is contained in digital cloud-based applications, and all applications are integrated with the core ERP transactional maintenance system. The SAP asset performance management suite is the primary platform to enable DRCM® to support clients in building a common operating asset picture.

By incorporating digitally connected assets using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies, DRCM® links production systems and assets with business processes. The result is a digital continuous improvement capability that reduces maintenance overhead costs and increases asset availability. Machinery is better maintained, and failures are predicted and prevented before they can impact production.

Global Leader in Fiberglass Manufacturing


A U.S.-based fiberglass and insulation manufacturer. Their products help make sustainable insulation with modern manufacturing techniques and materials.
Reduction in Lost Revenue in Five Months
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Sustainability Impact: Reliable Assets Lead to Reduced Downtime & Emissions

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By utilizing Digital Reliability Centered Maintenance (DRCM) to reduce unplanned equipment downtime you improve product quality and increase productivity.
By leveraging machine learning to predict equipment failures before they happen you reduce equipment down time while improving equipment reliability.
Utilizing condition based maintenance verses planned leads to less resources needed to maintain equipment.
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