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Digital Manufacturing And Real-Time Location Systems
Gain Real-Time Insights into your Manufacturing Processes

One Version of the Truth from the Shop Floor to the Top Floor

Manufacturing generates an enormous amount of data—most of which are either never measured, or ditched before decision-makers get a chance to use it. Digital Manufacturing solutions effectively merge people, process, and technology by creating actionable insights at every level of the organization to improve business outcomes.

Our solutions thread appropriate digital technologies through the manufacturing process and create tailored data insights. We ensure that you’re maximizing your existing investments and strategically deploy the technological tools that will reduce risk within your operations and improve your business outcomes

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Digital Manufacturing Services


SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution provides customers with visibility from the shop floor to the top floor providing key performance analytics in real time. At C5MI, we believe in this solution. Contact our team to schedule a live demo and see the tool in action.


With our hands on experience planning, scheduling, and controlling the production process, we recognize that MOM systems can deliver optimized production, reduced costs, and ultimately drive your process productivity.


By tracking your availability, performance and quality real time, you will be able to know if you are meeting your goals and if not, know exactly why you missed them. C5MI’s OEE solution can help you make sure your entire operation stays truly productive.

Expose your “hidden factory” with cross-plant, real-time data.

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Monitor inventory, production performance, and product quality
Manage shop floor workflows and labor assignments
Monitor the status and predict remaining life of critical assets
Detect product defects earlier in the manufacturing process
Lower IT lifecycle costs and decrease technical debt
Improve product genealogy and tracking
Achieve a paperless shop floor

Leveraging Real Time Location Systems to Drive Toward Industry 4.0

As the end-to-end SAP system experts, we are able to support our customers on a seamless journey of connecting RTLS to their SAP Digital Core. RTLS is no longer an emerging technology. Chances are if you have a recent smartphone or vehicle, you are leveraging RTLS capabilities in your daily life. In much the same way that Wi-Fi transformed the capabilities within the manufacturing floor, RTLS is creating platform capability to eliminate the gap between the physical and transactional. Our RTLS illuminates solution moves beyond just seeing moving dots on the screen by tightly integrating the location data layer with your ERP/MES systems and incorporating business logic. These actions lead to the optimization of operations and error proof system transactions to reduce and even eliminate business risk.

No Matter the Challenge, We Have a Solution For You


Trying to take the leap but need to understand how RTLS truly works? Schedule a POC and we will demonstrate the capability on site, with your team, live.


Through a variety of off the shelf solutions, we avoid all customizations and can seamlessly plug into your existing processes.


Sometimes, your organization needs tailoring to and we are no stranger to this. We look forward to diving in with you and your team to develop the right solution for you to reach your goals.


Sewio is a leading player in the Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) RTLS space. As part of the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services, Sewio provides the robust capability needed to drive sub meter accuracy in RTLS solutions. As a Sewio Gold Partner, C5MI is the premier provider for Sewio SAP system integrations to ensure you get the most our of your SAP software and RTLS System. In the end, RTLS solutions create visibility and insights to reduce risk in operations.
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Through their Atrius solution, Accuity Brands is a leading provider of Blue Tooth Low Energy (BLE) and is dedicated to redefining the capabilities of modern spaces. Atrius provides an innovative solution that is pushing the boundaries of RTLS and the use of BLE. At C5MI, we recognize the overarching power of RTLS and partner with the best to deliver the solutions that drive Industry 4.0 innovation.

The Right Solutions Lead to Winning Results

Reduce business risk
Increase quality, throughput, and reliability
Reduce employee non-value-added (NVA) time
Maximize operational effectiveness
Increase customer satisfaction
Improve Sustainability (Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance)

Worldwide HVAC Manufacturer


A leading Industrial Machinery and Components (IM&C) manufacturer in the US delivering reliable solutions for efficient air conditioning, air flow, and control to building owners and occupants worldwide. Their products deliver air comfort, safety, and energy efficiency.
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Driving Sustainability Through Digital Manufacturing

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Through improved throughput, you create more product with fewer resources while driving process automation.
Improves quality of process and product requiring less resources to produce products.
Drives improved labor efficiency through automation and improved visibility of operational processes.
Creates a Live Factory to provide a single version of the truth that reduces data latency to improve awareness and decisional support to increase productivity.
Real Time Location Systems improves the visibility of material and integrates transactional information to create a common operational picture.
Unlock a World of Industry 4.0 Possibilities
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