By Alan Witthuhn

The Impact of Forecast Variability on Supply Chain Performance

  It is generally accepted that supply chains will be vastly different in the years to come. Many emerging technologies and advanced analytics have failed to address the issues of demand variability resulting in the bullwhip effect within the supply chain. The traditional approach of safety stock or inventory buffers are being challenged with an ever-increasing focus on supply chain … Read More

By Alan Witthuhn

Minimizing Forecast Variation, a Key to Supply Chain Success

  A critical question that Supply Chain Professionals should be asking is, how accurate is my forecast? The follow-up question should be, how do I measure it, and to what degree do my suppliers trust it? Your forecast signal to your supply chain is the critical piece of transparency that enables a trusted partnership, allows your suppliers to execute consistently, … Read More

By Alan Witthuhn

Drive Collaborative Supply Chain Performance with Technology

  Global manufacturing enterprises handle a vastly complex production process and supply chain operations. They face an increasingly complex climate of risk through global sourcing, sustainability regulations, geopolitical uncertainties, natural disasters, and IP security concerns. The lack of visibility in the end-to-end supply chain, including Tier II & Tier III suppliers, amplifies these risks. A different approach to manage the … Read More

By Alan Witthuhn

Raising supply chain performance levels to stand the test of time

  The goal of a sustainable supply chain is to minimize risks, reduce variability, and establish robust supplier partnerships. Creating opportunities to develop deeper connections with suppliers, increasing cross-organizational collaboration, and increasing alignment of priorities are aimed at lifting the performance of the complete supply chain network. Businesses expect their tier-I suppliers to comply with established performance standards and assume … Read More

By Marty Groover

America 2.0 - The Industry 4.0 Supply Chain Post COVID–19 Pandemic

The recent events caused by the COVID – 19 Pandemic are still shocking the world’s supply chain and have exposed the risks to countries that import large portions of a commodity from one or a few countries.  The United States’ $2.568 trillion worth of goods from around the globe in 2019, and many of the top ten commodities like computers … Read More

By Scott Hageman

How to determine if you need a Manufacturing Execution System

  How do you know you need a Manufacturing Execution System and how do you choose the right one? Many companies today are struggling with how to best support their systemic needs in the manufacturing process.  Most already have an ERP system, like SAP, to support their financial needs. These companies also use that ERP system to support the manufacturing … Read More

By Scott Hageman

10 ways Live Factory real­-time visibility into manufacturing improves your bottom line

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where you could get real-time visibility into your manufacturing processes just like you receive personal information on your phone? Do you need a way to immediately know what’s happening on your shop floor and capture that operational data in order to do analysis? Do you want a solution that gives you … Read More

By Matthew Stemmler

Smart Growth: How Operational Intelligence builds on Process Excellence to improve business outcomes

We often describe Process Excellence as the bedrock of Operational Technology deployment, a strong root system to support better business outcomes. But laying a solid foundation is not the only way the digital transformation process resembles the gardening process. In both, there are additional layers that are important for successful growth, and they need to be laid down at the … Read More

By Matthew Stemmler

How a Common Operational Picture (COP) unlocks hidden business value

Omnipresent means you’re always in the know… If friends asked you watch their two-year-old, you probably wouldn’t be too worried about keeping an eye on the child. On the other hand, if someone asked you to watch 20 two-year-olds, you might feel a bit more apprehensive (I certainly would!). But every day we in the manufacturing industry face a similar … Read More

By Spencer Ocean

Blockchain: Key Takeaways from Consensus 2019

C5MI and YASH Technologies are constantly seeking to harness the latest technologies to drive business value for our clients. That’s why we attended Blockchain Week 2019 in New York. The flagship event, Consensus, attracted blockchain aficionados from around the world to exchange knowledge and align their visions for the future of blockchain technology. The caliber of individuals at Consensus seems … Read More