It’s a sick feeling. You promised your customer you’d have product ready for delivery today. With fingers crossed, you hit the shop floor to physically track down the order. Your Available To Promise quoted price, quantity and delivery date. But are you really confident that product is available? Can you absolutely verify your ability to deliver?

Every day, you need to know for sure that you have the availability, performance and quality to meet customer requests. You need the certainty that an Overall Equipment Effectiveness solution provides. c5mi’s Live Factory is your answer.

What is OEE?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measures your ability to produce a specified quantity of quality product in the allocated time to meet a scheduled delivery, based on the concurrent availability, performance and quality of output of a given piece of manufacturing equipment.

Here’s how each of the three key production factors is calculated:

Availability = Run time / Total time

Performance = Total count / Planned count (based on standard)

Quality = Good count / Total count

Taken together, these objective calculations indicate your Overall Equipment Effectiveness:

OEE = Availability x Performance x Quality

In other words, OEE is a simply a digital yardstick that lets you know when there is an issue in your manufacturing process. But there’s nothing simple about the complex data it collects and analyzes or the powerful insights it generates.

Integrated with your machinery in real time, c5mi’s digital OEE allows you to drill down deep into transactional data in any or all of the three key areas — so you can determine where manufacturing issues are located, identify root causes and apply targeted solutions.

With real-time visibility into specific manufacturing issues and resulting impacts to production, you can make faster, better decisions that can result in proven benefits, such as:

Get top machinery performance

Digital OEEs increases equipment performance rapidly starting from the point of implementation, maximizing the performance of new equipment you add to the production line as well as boosting the performance of existing machinery. Machine integration allows for real-time capture of downtime events and reason codes, providing immediate event visibility and better root-cause and resolution diagnostics.

Share real-time feedback for immediate results

Using c5mi’s Common Operational Picture (COP), all personnel share “one version of the truth” to view manufacturing performance and develop improvement plans. Getting real-time performance feedback allows personnel to pinpoint production loss at its origin and take immediate corrective actions, giving individual workers the authority to improve plant productivity.

Take measures to manage and improve

OEE captures and quantifies data to delineate the actual operation of the production processes. This detailed information lets you see whether your production process is efficient or inefficient, understand how it can be optimized, and implement appropriate ways to manage and improve its operation.

Count on speedy ROI

To justify large investments in machinery, businesses need to achieve the greatest return on investment in the shortest possible time. With its low cost to implement and immediate improvements in process productivity, c5mi’s OEE is your best bet for fast payback.

Scale to fit

If you prefer to start small and grow fast, c5mi can create a proof-of-concept area to demonstrate OEE’s costs and benefits, as well as build a timeline for quick replication across other product lines and facilities.

Kick off your digital journey

OEE’s ability to capture real-time machine data and provide real business benefits in the shortest time makes it the ideal entry point for your digital transformation. c5mi’s OEE solution can help you make sure your entire operation stays truly productive.

Need proof? Discover how c5mi Live FactorySM OEE can significantly improve your digital manufacturing process. Reach out to your trusted partners at C5MI and YASH Technologies 

Scott Hageman

Senior Director, Digital Manufacturing #c5mi

(Division of YASH Technologies)