About Us

C5MI is a business transformation firm specialized in the processes and technology that power world-class manufacturing and supply chain operations.
Challenge the present. Change the future.


Who we are

C5MI is a services firm comprised of trusted business practitioners with deep knowledge and first-hand experience managing world-class business processes, and implementing cutting edge technology solutions for manufacturers and supply chains globally. We are the only firm that offers companies looking to improve their business processes the full package: process excellence advisory and full-scale technological implementation from a trusted journey partner. We will save them money first by making their processes more efficient and effective; then we will help them improve their business operations through investments in technology, further increasing efficiencies, always working alongside them throughout their journey. We see ourselves as allies, not as consultants, that’s why we excel at providing customers long-term value and continuous improvement to create better, stronger, and more efficient companies.


Core Values:


We believe in challenging the present – it’s the only way to shape the future.  We also understand that speaking your mind requires equal parts brain (what to say), thoughtfulness (when to say it), and caring (how it’s said).

Have Fun

We are on a journey, together.  Take care of each other.  Life isn’t all about work.  Live your happiness.  Be healthy.

All In

You can’t fake passion – show your energy.  Own it – it is a shared responsibility.

Never Screw the Customer

Our brand promise is to drive value and deliver value. Be true - no BS.  Customer > Team > Individual.


Winners don’t make excuses.  We act with urgency.  We relentlessly execute and swarm challenges.  That is how we win.

ESG stewardship

Evangelist and practitioner who leads awareness and adoption of sustainable best practices by merging people, process, and technology.

We work with clients that want to win

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    Marty Groover

    Partner, cTO

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