Build an Agile and Resilient Supply Chain

Synchronize Every Step of Your Supply Chain

C5MI’s Supply Chain offerings deliver unique and tailored resiliency solutions to complex global and regional supply chains by establishing where the high-risk areas are and empowering capabilities through people, process, and technology.
Our industry professionals support the planning, design, and execution of your unique end-to-end Supply Chain. We partner with our clients to discover, communicate and correct the root cause of their current challenges. We are real supply chain professionals, with decades of real supply chain experience.
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"We focus first and foremost on what the client is trying to achieve for the business, and then we can talk technology. It is easy to get enamored by all the cool stuff out there, and as a result, not really hit the mark."

Angie Frederick, COO

Learn About Our Approach
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Improve End-to-End Visibility.
Achieve a Self-Compensating Supply Chain.


Embrace Planning functions to create a visible, traceable, and resilient supply chain foundation.


Streamline operations from production, to warehousing, to logistics, through delivering organizational value.


Maximize your investments and identify highest priority areas for improvement.

The Right Solutions Lead to Winning Results

Strengthen demand planning forecasts
Increase traceability of supplier network
Uncover blind spots and inefficiencies
Anticipate and respond to interruptions
Improve performance and customer satisfaction
Create a risk-aware culture to maximize resiliency

Esteemed Electric Vehicle Maker of the Future


A leading electric vehicle automaker in the US achieving ambitious sustainability goals. Their products make electric vehicle ownership possible for everyday people, and help businesses shift to electric fleets.
Reduction in Clicks when Ordering Materials
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With Supply Chain Agility & Resiliency, You Are Better Positioned to Drive Your Sustainability Goals.

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Improved supply chain planning reduces the lead time of the supply chain as well as the amount of the material in the chain which reduces waste.
Live visibility of supply chain with digital thread improves resiliency, agility, reduces lead times, material movement cycle times, safety stock, and improves accuracy in forecasting.
Ready to challenge the present and change the future? So are we.
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