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What We Offer                
Operational Excellence
Identify and implement improvements to optimize the cost, quality, and speed of your manufacturing and supply chain operations. Develop world class lean processes coupled with execution discipline to establish the foundation for your digital transformation. 

IT Optimization
Maximize value realization from existing IT systems and applications. Identify opportunities to reduce support and maintenance costs to free up resources which can be re-invested in the future capabilities required for the business.

Operational Intelligence
Develop the tools needed to collect data from disparate systems and create meaningful business insights.  Drive continuous improvement across the value chain through enhanced visibility across your supply network.

Operational Technology
Build the Industry 4.0 factory of the future by integrating shop floor assets and software applications to automate processes and process controls.  Drive efficiency and quality gains with automated process control by accelerating problem identification, escalation, and resolution.

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Enterprise Blockchain
Solve the challenge of securely sharing data across complex supply chains with Blockchain-based “LedgerNexus”. LedgerNexus extracts real-time data with consensus and immutable storage to ensure data integrity and maximize transparency and trust across the supply chain.
Why c5mi?

c5mi possesses extensive experience leading businesses and leveraging technology to drive superior business results.  We are experts at building world class manufacturing and supply chain processes and optimizing IT management to build the foundation of a successful digital transformation.  Once the foundation is established, we bring the practical experience and technical capability to connect your factories and supply chains in a targeted manner that will maximize your return on investment.

Many firms offer similar stand-alone services.  c5mi is unique in our capability and experience integrating all of them into a comprehensive approach focused on maximizing value for our clients.