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C5MI Tech Talk - Episode One

C5MI and YASH Technologies – Tech Talk Episode One   Watch our top experts and clients discuss today’s most transformational technologies. From IoT to process automation, learn how C5MI is delivering cutting edge Industry 4.0 solutions around the globe.    

Lean 4.0 – The Production System of Industry 4.0

At face value, Lean 4.0 Production Systems is a skillful combination of Lean and Industry 4.0   Why do that?  What’s the value of bringing these two together?  Aren’t they both transformations?  Aren’t they both looking to do the same thing; to do more with less? These two initiatives are not at odds with one another, rather they are complementary ...

How to determine if you need a Manufacturing Execution System

  How do you know you need a Manufacturing Execution System and how do you choose the right one? Many companies today are struggling with how to best support their systemic needs in the manufacturing process.  Most already have an ERP system, like SAP, to support their financial needs. These companies also use that ERP system to support the manufacturing ...

10 ways Live Factory real­-time visibility into manufacturing improves your bottom line

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where you could get real-time visibility into your manufacturing processes just like you receive personal information on your phone? Do you need a way to immediately know what’s happening on your shop floor and capture that operational data in order to do analysis? Do you want a solution that gives you ...

Smart Growth: How Operational Intelligence builds on Process Excellence to improve business outcomes

We often describe Process Excellence as the bedrock of Operational Technology deployment, a strong root system to support better business outcomes. But laying a solid foundation is not the only way the digital transformation process resembles the gardening process. In both, there are additional layers that are important for successful growth, and they need to be laid down at the ...

How a Common Operational Picture (COP) unlocks hidden business value

Omnipresent means you’re always in the know… If friends asked you watch their two-year-old, you probably wouldn’t be too worried about keeping an eye on the child. On the other hand, if someone asked you to watch 20 two-year-olds, you might feel a bit more apprehensive (I certainly would!). But every day we in the manufacturing industry face a similar ...

Reliability Centered Maintenance: How Digital Shifts Maintenance from Reactive to Proactive

Over the span of my career, I’ve been exposed to a lot manufacturing operations. Then and now, I see too many manufacturers relying on spreadsheets and manual systems when it comes to maintenance. Not only are they not getting the most out of their equipment, they’re also risking (practically inviting) unplanned interruptions and unexpected downtime. Here’s the core problem: Most ...

Blockchain: Key Takeaways from Consensus 2019

C5MI and YASH Technologies are constantly seeking to harness the latest technologies to drive business value for our clients. That’s why we attended Blockchain Week 2019 in New York. The flagship event, Consensus, attracted blockchain aficionados from around the world to exchange knowledge and align their visions for the future of blockchain technology. The caliber of individuals at Consensus seems ...

What is the Live Factory and how does it fit with Industry 4.0?

When Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPhone in 2007, he predicted we wouldn’t be able to live without it in the future. He was right. Every day, we have instant access to the data we need to run our lives: calendars, notifications, up-to-the-minute news, weather and sports scores, texting, shopping (including order status and delivery details), financial transactions, even the ...